Interview with Sayyid Muhammad Bagher Kharazi

Text of the interview of Munadi News Website with Ayatollah Kharazi

Munadi: Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad Bagher Kharazi is one of the independent candidates of the eleventh presidential elections of the Islamic Republic of Iran and has officially announced his candidacy in Khuzestan in Esfand 1391 (March/2013).

The Secretary General of Iran Hezbollah like the other candidates spends most of his time in travelling to provinces and he also has chosen the green color of the guardianship of the jurisprudence and has called it his electioneering color.

Lifting of sanctions in the shortest time possible, reducing the exchange rate parity for the US Dollar down to 1000 tomans (to a US Dollar), recovering the lands that have been separated from Iran’s soil, without war and bloodshed are among the electioneering promises of Ayatollah Kharazi.

The following is the detailed account of the interview of Munadi’s reporter with Secretary General of Iran Hezbollah:

I launched Hezbollah organization when I was 13 years old

-In the beginning for better familiarity of the readers tell us a brief summary of your life and then tell us of your political activities.

I am Sayyid Muhammad Bagher Kharazi born on the 7th of the month of Tir of the year 1340/June 26, 1961. I spent my years of studies in Qom and at the beginning of high school because of my taking part in militant groups I intended to go Palestine when by the opposition of one of the religious authorities, I did not take that journey. I was 13 years old when I launched the Hezbollah organization. During the Islamic Revolution in Iran, in Qom accompanied with my brother we had the responsibility of administering the demonstrations.

After the victory of the Revolution and as Iraq invaded Iran, I went to the war zone and I had the responsibility for the political office of Karbala Camp and after the war I had the responsibility for the research center of the national radio and television organization.

I had executive responsibilities for years in the oil industry and it could be said that I have had a significant role in reconstruction of our country’s oil industry. I am a graduate in philosophy and have been teaching in theological schools for 18 years and presently my students number 400. I have 27 schools and 7 research institutes.

We should restore public’s confidence

-What is the objective of launching Hezbollah organization and taking part in the elections?

-Our main objective is to present the divine sciences and knowledge to the people. In formation of Hezbollah government, we decided to change the image of Hezbollah and make it a more appealing and populist one, to promote political ethics and morals, to call together all people of Iran and to administer the government based on organization and according to the 25 year plan.

The government of Hezbollah will restore people’s lost confidence, we are here to establish a movement in the country. The government of Hezbollah will have interaction with all the world. I, because I am not known, may be able to utilize this quality to revive political relations with the world.

I will stand until the end

-Have you, since you announced your candidacy, had any meeting and talk with political parties or individuals, for your support?

-No, I have not asked and will not ask anyone and I have not met with any of officials. I will not withdraw from elections under any circumstances and am standing fast. So far, some of the candidates have sent messages to me to meet them, but I declined all. You should know that in the government of Hezbollah, I will invite competent individuals even if they do not like me, whether they are from the left or from the right of the political spectrum.

The basis of my government is to invite all. It means that I would even invite the worthy men in the government of Ahmadinejad and a number of governors of the provinces. In the meantime, I will endeavor to bring back those who were shunned aside and had withdrawn from serving in the government, and in the government of Hezbollah, I will entrust them with the responsibility of NGO organizations.

Ahmadinejad is without knowledge of Divinities

-How do you evaluate the conduct of 8 years of government by Ahmadinejad considering present criticisms such as illegality and……..?

- He had both positive and ample negative point. Service and endeavor to develop the country were the positive points of Ahmadinejad, however, his lack of knowledge with regard to the Divinities, his lack of faith in theologians and sources of authority and his lack of belief in the in the absolute authority of the guardianship of jurisprudence could be considered his negative points. In the early days of Ahmadinejad government, in a meeting, I announced all the problems that now after 8 years Ahmadinejad is entangled in. I announced that Ahmadinejad had come to remove the theologians from the government. The future president will take delivery of a ruins and will take at least two years to restore solidarity.

I will invite the two thousand Iranian managers who are employed abroad

-Please describe about the members of your cabinet:

-I have already selected members of my cabinet. Even the provincial governors have been determined. Definitely if someone is qualified he would be included in the Hezbollah government, that is: 1- He is not an economic corrupter. 2- He has not distanced himself from the theologians and sources of authority. 3- He believes in the absolute authority of the guardianship of the jurisprudent. 4- He is a capable manager and expert in his field of work.

Bagher Kharazi submits to the Supreme Leadership

-Considering the role of the reformers in the sedition of the year 1388 (2009), in your opinion, do they have the right to take part in the elections?

- There are two groups of reformers. Some had the role to form the sedition and yet others were only protesters. I do not consider any seditionist as reformist and any reformist as seditionist.

His holiness said that choices should be varied. The seditionist reformers if they repent from the sedition of 88, they should take part in the elections. Certainly, the era of the government by reformers was a very bitter one and had it not been for measures taken by His Eminence the Supreme Leader, nothing would have survived from the achievements of the Revolution.

I believe, those individuals who believe in the State, the Revolution and the absolute authority of the Guardianship of the Jurisprudent, should take part in the elections. I say it frankly, Mr Khatami is a great man and some of the members of his government were good people. Mr. Hashemi also is a great man. You should know that Bagher Kharrazi submits to the Supreme Leader and in the government of Hezbollah we shall be at the service of all those who believe in the guardianship of the jurisprudent.

In conclusion, I say a few names and you kindly express your opinion in a word or a brief sentence:

Pistachios: Rafsanjan

Hashemi: Man of serenity while in anger

Masha’i: political astrologist

Sayyid Muhammad Bagher Kharazi: The humble servant of the court of divine leadership

Khordad 24 (June 14): The epic day for the people of the Greater Islamic Persia

Veil: Is carrying the load of the sorrows of beauty.

Sadegh Kharazi: Revolutionary man of legendary status and compassionate toward the nation.

Haj Mansur Arzi: The warm sound of heavenly voices.




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