The Presence of Ayatollah Kharazi a...

Ayatollah Kharazi on Friday Afternoon, Ordibehesht 20/1392 (May 10, 2013), with accompanying delegation arrived at the twenty sixth international book...


On Thursday, Ordibehesht 19, 1392 (...

Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad Bagher Kharazi, Secretary General of Hezbollah Organization and Managing Director of Hezbollah Newspaper, by attending at th...


The trip by Ayatollah Kharazi to Ya...

The report on the trip by Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad Bagher Kharazi to Yazd, Ardakan and Maybod (more...)...


Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad Bagher Kh...

“I am the first presidential candidate who have no financial power and our objective is to win the hearts of people.” (more...)...

The visit by Ayatollah Kharazi to Ghazvin

On Sunday afternoon, 22/2/1392 (May 12, 2013), Ayatollah Kharazi arrived in the city of Ghazvin and after appearing among the crowd of the welcoming people, he went to visit the Flower Field Graveyard of the martyrs and after performing the removing dust ceremonies and visiting the sacred graves of the martyrs of the eight years sacred defense and visiting the shrine of martyr Babai, he then went to Muhammad Rasul Allah Mosque to perform prayers. After conclusion of the prayers, he gave a speech to the attending crowds.

Ayatollah Kharazi, candidate in the next presidential elections, said: The banking system of the country is usury and should be changed and I have plans for prosperity of the domestic and international economy of our country

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The Presence of Ayatollah Kharazi at the International Book Exposition

Ayatollah Kharazi on Friday Afternoon, Ordibehesht 20/1392 (May 10, 2013), with accompanying delegation arrived at the twenty sixth international book exposition.

Sayyid Muhammad Bagher Kharazi in the first part of this visit appeared among the group of written and visual and website reporters and responded to their specialty questions with regard to books and the difficulties this specialty field encounters and discussed his solutions.

Ayatollah Kharazi described the only solution to the subject of expensiveness of paper as updating the competitive market and added: “The basic solution is this that we should lift the obstacles to imports so that a competitive market is established and prices become real.”

Secretary General of Iran Hezbollah and managing director of Hezbollah Newspaper visited three halls and 18 pavilions among which were the publications of, Islamic Republic, Jamkaran, and Sorush scientific cultural.


On Thursday, Ordibehesht 19, 1392 (May 9, 2013), accompanied by a large crowd of supporters, Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad Bagher Kharazi registered with the Ministry of Interior, as a candidate to take part in the Presidential elections

Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad Bagher Kharazi, Secretary General of Hezbollah Organization and Managing Director of Hezbollah Newspaper, by attending at the building of the Ministry of Interior registered for candidacy in the upcoming Presidential elections.

He holds a Master’s degree in Economics and is a Ph.D. student in Economics and is one of the instructors at Qom Schools of Theology. He has established, administered, and presently directs several centers of learning such as the Ijtihadiyeh Muhseniyeh School, the Imam Hassan Askari (A) Cultural, Artistic Institute, and Imam Hadi (A) Schools Complex nationwide; presently, he is active in the Ijtihadiyeh Muhseniyeh Theology School.

Ayatollah Kharazi is the son of Ayatollah Sayyid Muhsen Kharazi (member of the Leadership Experts Assembly). Also, he is the brother of Sadegh Kharazi, former Iran ambassador to the United Nations and Iran ambassador in France, and he is the nephew of Kamal Kharazi, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Reviewing the opportunities and threats in the Fars province agriculture sector

Ayatollah Kharazi visiting Fars province agriculture sector and Takht-e Jamshid world heritage complex

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Questions by Mazanderani students from Ayatollah Kharazi

Text of the most important questions by students and responses of Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad Bagher Kharazi are as follows:

-Apparently you were pupil to Ayatollah Mesbah. He has announced that Mr. Lankarani is the most competent choice. What is your opinion in this regard?

Ayatollah Kharazi: From the first year of high school I was studying from his presence. The opinion of Ayatollah Mesbah, whatever it may be, is respected by his followers. I say it frankly that I had not and I will not have any meeting whether in the theology schools or in the executive system, with anyone, so that in future I would not have any obligation toward anyone. That is why I am the poorest among the candidates. I have not accepted any moneys from anyone. His Excellency, Ayatollah Mesbah, in the past had introduced Mr. Ahmadinejad as the most competent choice. Now he has expressed his opinion. It’s been 20 years that I have had no contact with him. Although I have some criticisms, but I have not say them out of respect for him.

I was opposed to Mr. Ahmadinejad, however, Ayatollah Mesbah did not approve of my opposition and now we all are seeing the results. I myself have reached the status of Ijtihad, and my opinion is different from him.

-Considering your statements with regard to severance of relations with some countries that we have relations with, would we no longer have minister of foreign affairs?

Ayatollah Kharazi: If we had gone forward with direct talks, many of current problems would have not come about, as His Eminence, the Supreme Leader, has also made some references. We are in an argument that the middlemen do not wish it to be resolved. The Americans themselves have realized that with slightest remiss, Central Asia will become another Soviets, because the Russians have become very strong. We should get into talks with the village chief of these talks and not the villagers. We should sit behind a table with America for direct talks without intermediaries.

-By law, the condition exists that as qualification for competence, the candidate should be a political man of eminence. Have you done political work?

- Why you have chosen the title of Hezbollah and do you have links with Lebanon’s Hezbollah?

Ayatollah Kharazi: First, with regard to political man of eminence my answer is this, that I had the responsibility of Hezbollah since 1353 (1974). We have done scholarly work that we will announce in our website. From 1360 (1981) till 1363 (1984) I had responsibility on behalf of Imam in the oil rich regions at a time that oil was having many problems.

From 1363 (1984) to 1366 (1987) I had the responsibility for the ideological-political office of the 25th Division, and from 1380 (2001) till now I am having the responsibility of Hezbollah Newspaper.

With regard to Lebanon’s Hezbollah, I should say I have no relation with Lebanon’s Hezbollah. Some of those in the country who claim to bear the title Hezbollah, I’ve heard saying we do not accept the rule of the jurisprudence. I consider Lebanon’s Hezbollah only one case of international Hezbollah, who have been compelled to resort to arms.

-In Hormozgan, you had said that Azerbaijan should be returned to our country. What is the solution?

Ayatollah Kharazi: In my own thought, I believe that present day Iran, is our fatherland not all of our homeland. I believe that if as the saying by the household of the Prophet, Qom is the sanctum of the household (A), then Qom is the center of Islamic Pars. Our nation should know the background of their civilization. I announced in Takht-e Jamshid that if we were able to form a government, we will restore Takht-e Jamshid. This present Iran which has reached you and me was the result of the endeavor of thousands before us and this is our fatherland not all of our homeland.

Contrary to those who consider Islam on the top and are contemptuous of our Iranian heritage, I say it openly that our Islam is beholden to the sovereignty of the jurist and our devotion to our Supreme Leader is in our Iranian nature.

I believe that our Iran had been providential from the beginning. The evidence for this is that our kings both before and after the advent of Islam were God fearing and monotheist. Wasn’t Cyrus monotheist? Wasn’t Xerxes monotheist? I do not accept the wrong things some people may say. I believe our nationality should be respected.

The present Iran is a country which has been downsized by incompetent kings. The heads of our ethnic nations are inside our country but the bodies are located outside of it. The countries to the north are part of our country and should be returned to Iran and its solution is nothing but negotiation and in this path no expense should be spent for a bullet, but the same expense should be spent for talks.


The trip by Ayatollah Kharazi to Yazd

The report on the trip by Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad Bagher Kharazi to Yazd, Ardakan and Maybod

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Speech by Ayatollah Kharazi in the gathering of the students of the University of Babolsar

Muhammad Bagher Kharazi in the gathering of Mazanderani students: Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan we will return to our fatherland through negotiations and without military cost.

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University of Babolsar hosts Ayatollah Kharazi

Ayatollah Kharazi after arriving in Babolsar took part in the mass prayer at the Mazanderan University, then by attending the gathering of a large crowd of students of said university from various levels and different fields of study, at the amphitheater of the School of Humanities, he spoke for thirty minutes. Afterwards, for an hour and a half he responded to the questions put forward by students which were asked verbally or in writing. This meeting was held in a sincere surrounding and away from political make-up dominating the present electioneering situation, and was well received by the University’s professors.

Ayatollah Kharazi: To form an electioneering coalition is like forming a joint stock company

Ayatollah Kharazi in a detailed interview with “Nasim”: The only person that the enemy has not identified is me/I will connect waters of the north and south of the country/I will reconcile Musavi and Karrubi with the State/For every government ministry I will announce general admissions.

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